In Budapest most of the balconies are unused, the building facades and window sills  are blank and bare. Turning them into green and flowering surfaces is up to no one else but ourselves! We can be inhabitants of a more pleasant and more lively city and improve the city’s microclimate too.

The aim of the Balkon Aranya Competition is a more lively and pretty living environment.

The  Közösségi Kertek program of Kortárs Építészeti Központ has taken on this lovely initiative.  The idea was born at Szent István University’s Landscape Architecture Faculty, in Béla Rerrich  College of Advanced Studies  in Landscape Architecture. They were the ones who started off with the idea and now we are taking it on, using the opportunity to carry on ‘going green’.

As a program the Közösségi Kertek does not only turn the empty urban allotments green, but by inspiring the residents, makes the houses go green too, bringing nature closer and improving the city’s microclimate.

Let us turn our balconies and window sills green, and let us decorate our corridors with flowers!

This year we start in autumn but with a number of “community” (social) categories added, regarding the ‘Community Garden’ (Közösségi Kertek) program.

You can participate in the competition

if you are an inhabitant of a Hungarian city, and you have the opportunity to plant plants in your living environment . Green looks good everywhere: on the balcony, terrace, corridor, or even on a window sill, maybe in an interior courtyard or on a rooftop terrace.

One can participate in the following categories individually or together with flat neighbours:
Individual competitor

Balcony, terrace – planting plants on balconies and terraces
Window sill – planting plants on window sills
Corridors– planting plants on the outer corridors

Social collaboration
Window sill – planting plants on window sills, at least two neighbouring participants, or the whole corridor
Rooftop terrace, interior courtyard -social gardening on the top of flat roofed houses, on rooftop terraces, in interior courtyards, or on the covered surfaces of the flats’ ground floor
Corridors – planting plants on the house corridors, at least two neighbouring participants, or the whole floor (e.g.: first floor)

The participants take previous photos of the area to be planted in their original state. Then they create their dream and after the planting period one can send their course work at any time, while the competition is still on. This can be any time during spring, summer or even autumn, when the competitor finds that their work is at their best.

If your balcony is still empty there is still enough time to create an autumn garden under your window sill.

If you just only recently noticed our competition it is still possible to apply with photos of the present state of the balcony, window sill, etc.

The course works can be uploaded via a form you can find on the website.

The due date of the applications submission is: 24.10.2017. 12 pm

After the decision of the professional jury the announcement of the results and the ceremony will take place at Kortárs Építészeti Központ (Bp. 1111 Bartók Béla street 10-12.) on Friday 10.11.2017.

The evaluation process:

The rank of the course works will be set up by the scores given by the professional jury, regarding the following evaluation aspects:

the esthetics and the beauty of the planting
ecological aspect, environment conscious performance
the usage of space, practicalities, unique solutions, creativity
the expansion of function (in case of social space)
the extent of recycling
the extent of planting,of change – how greener it got
appropriate photos: good quality, good content shown

Oázis Kertészet is our advanced sponsor